About us

The Council for Public Health and Demography (CPHD) is a Russian non-profit organization. The CPHD's goals are to facilitate realization of the right of all people to the highest standard of health and to contribute to solving demographic problems, as well as activity coordination in these fields. 

The key principles of the CPHD's work are: 

The value of human life, the priority of the struggle for mortality decrease to save human lives; 

- Evidence based approach, which means working on the basis of most recent research findings and methods, as well as readiness to adjust the strategy as new research arrives 

Population approach: we contribute to realization of the population-based strategies of public health and social policy affecting large demographically significant population groups. 

CPHD's key activities:

- promoting technologies to prevent and control degenerative aging processes, long-term prevention of aging-related diseases;

- tobacco control;

- combating mortality from alcohol abuse;

- social policy improvement.